Welcome to the World Species Congress! We are so excited that you will be joining us on May 15, 2024 for 24 hours of success stories, strategies for species recovery, and innovative ways to drive impact. 

Thanks to our generous sponsors, registration for the World Species Congress is free for everyone who wants to participate. You'll have access to: 

  • the 24-hour live stream 
  • live chat discussions with presenters post-presentation 
  • downloadable resources, tools, and strategy frameworks
  • next steps in training and collaboration, taking your conservation work to the next level

In place of a registration fee, your response to a few questions will help us shape the experience of the World Species Congress to create the most impactful agenda possible. The registration form will let us know who is participating and where you are from. It will also help connect you to relevant tools, contacts, and interests. Finally, it will later allow us to know if the Congress has achieved its goals to inspire, to provide you with replicable models for success, and to connect you with applicable knowledge products and actions to accelerate your conservation impact.